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Clowning Around

Okay, so we went to the Shrine Circus. The most notable thing I brought home from the experience was how uncomfortable those plastic folding chairs were. Ouch!! It was a small three-ring circus with limited features, but there were a couple performances that the family and I quite enjoyed. The …

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Just Ride | A Practical Guide to Biking

I recently read through Just Ride by Grant Petersen. I can definitely say that it was the most unconventional book that I have read in some time. Having said that, it is perhaps what makes this book worth the read: It cuts across the grain and kills sacred cows, leaving only and extremely down-to-earth overview of all things cycling. Let’s take a closer look…

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Fuji SL-1 Road Bike

I’m not sure if buying a Fuji SL-1 Comp for my first road bike is considered overkill or not. Have a look for yourself and let me know that you think.

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Login and Fill Out Forms with RoboForm

Do you ever get tired of typing in your user name and password over and over again for Web sites that you frequent several times a day? Do you get tired of filling out the same information time and time again when completing online forms? If you answered “Yes” to …

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Maurice Blanton Absolutely wonderful book for learning (X)HTML & CSS

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